Medical Marijuana Authorizations Made Easy

Washington state and medical marijuana, March 2013

A doctor's point of view

We've had a medical marijuana law on the books since 1998.

In 2012 we passed a law that allows all people over 21 years of age to possess and utilize recreational marijuana.

It is currently legal to possess marijuana, but there is no way to buy it or sell it or grow. Currently under state law medical marijuana patients are allowed to grow,use and possess marijuana and are authorized to legally go to a cooperative and make a donation and in return they receive marijuana (this is clearly a gray area within the law).

In order to remain doing things legally all patients who qualify under state law to receive an authorization for medical marijuana can obtain authorization and thereby register at existing medical marijuana cooperatives.

Clearly, all qualified patients can be easily distinguished as having medical records that document that they have one of a variety of diagnoses. What do you medical records need to demonstrate?

If you are HIV positive, have AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, intractable debilitating pain (located anywhere in the body) unrelieved with standard therapy, serious neurologic disease such as (epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, debilitating migraines, ALS, etc.), glaucoma, hepatitis C, anorexia or other eating disorders.

Dr. Michael Stern

Michael H. Stern M.D.

Director / Board Certified Authorizing Physician

Our medical marijuana clinic specializes in providing medical marijuana patients with a completely legal authorization to grow, possess, and use marijuana as medicine. Our medical marijuana physician, Dr. Michael Stern, specializes in providing a medical marijuana "card or permit" to be used for medical marijuana patient visits to medical marijuana co-ops referred to as medical marijuana dispensaries. We explain in detail why we recommend medical use of marijuana and how you can benefit from using marijuana as medicine.

Do you have cancer, HIV, hepatitis C, severe pain (from any cause i.e. migraines, arthritis, degenerative disc disease), intestinal disease, seizures, or multiple sclerosis?

To receive your so-called "green card" or legal medical marijuana authorization CALL 206-707-8494 or fax your medical records (Fax 206-707-8495) to Dr. Michael Stern, a board-certified medical doctor. Call for information about legal medical marijuana possession in Washington. Receive a legally valid authorization on tamperproof paper for the use, possession, and growth of marijuana (hemp, cannabis) in the state of Washington to be used for medicine.

Medical marijuana can be used in Washington State if you have a qualifying condition. Possess the most important tool for a POSITIVE LEGAL DEFENSE for the growing of marijuana in Washington State. Spend a few moments and a few dollars(less than an attorney's hourly rate) once a year to learn the law and try to avoid legal problems by being authorized to utilize marijuana as your medicine.

Call immediately 206-707-8494 to receive important information concerning your authorization to possess medical marijuana.

We are a medical marijuana clinic and work closely with medical marijuana dispensaries/coops to verify your medical marijuana permit/authorization/card

Our Clinic's Distinguishing Characteristics:
  • Clinic fees are used to pay business overhead, all profits are donated to charitable causes.
  • Dr. Stern's profile is available so that you can know the doctor before your visit.
  • Dr. Stern has been a practicing board certified medical doctor for more than 25 years.
  • Dr. Stern has worked with lawyers as a consultant so he is experienced and knowledgeable to protect your rights in providing a positive legal defense. The main reason to get authorization is legal protection so be guaranteed you get that protection.
  • Dr. Stern is disabled with MS so understands patients better than most doctors.
  • Dr. Stern believes in using marijuana as natural medicine.
  • Dr. Stern is an unpaid volunteer and does this work to help and legally protect other patients.

Our Mission: To provide and protect our patients' right to legal and effective treatment for better health and healing of their body, mind, and spirit. Using marijuana as Natural Medicine.

NW Healthy Options provides a compassionate and empathetic staff to help educate and promote natural, safe, and legal medical treatment. The three pillars of our clinic are professionalism, education, and compassionate care. Our services are:

  • Medical Marijuana Authorization
  • Nutrition/Lifestyle Coaching


FAQ Provided by I-692 Washington State Law